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Vision: (What do we accomplish?)

The vision of Restoration Studios Mentorship is to awaken and develop creative young people who make beautiful and redemptive media that helps humanity thrive and grow.

Mission: (How do we do it?) We will fulfill our vision by:

Exposing Students to excellence in professional environments with industry leading mentors

Equipping Students with the experience and training they need to succeed.


Empowering Students with opportunities for advancement and, career development (partnerships and internships)

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We fully utilize our resources to accomplish the following:

Hands on training in video recording and editing

(HD Video recording, iMovie, Final Cut pro, Adobe Premier etc.) 


Hands on training in Photography and graphics design
(Photo shoots, Adobe Photoshop/illustrator, Light Room etc.) 

Hands on training in web media (Website and blog creation, social media, app development, etc.) 


Instructional training on radio production and broadcasting


Develop a Mentorship Mentality (“You learn ; you teach” College students and teens equipped and empowered to mentor younger kids in their particular art) 


Partner with professional studios (AV education programs, radio stations, record labels, churches, schools, and professional artists to help the students develop more awareness, further their passion and skill, and seek opportunity 

Core Values: Christ-Centered Creativity in a healthy community


God created the beautiful sounds we hear and the sights we see, and through the work of Jesus Christ, all things are being made right and new. Because of that reality, we seek to join Jesus in his mission of redemption by creating things that bring glory to Christ and great joy to humanity.

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God created us and empowered us as co-creators in this beautiful world - to take the sounds and sights he created and make beautiful art out of them. Because of that reality, we seek to be as creative as we can be, and give permission to others to do the same.


God created us to live in loving community with him and each other and to create things that bring joy to humanity. Because of that reality, we seek to be a healthy community that creates together for the sake of the common good instead of selfish gain.

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